Looking To Purchase Router Bits? Ask Yourself These Three Questions To Help You Find The Right One For Your Job

One router bit can drastically differ from another. The shape, size and materials each bit is made from vary. This can make it challenging to know which router bit is ideal for your job. If you are not positive as to which is right for you, here are three questions to ask yourself. They will help guide you to the right type of router bit for your woodworking job. What Type of Cut, Profile or Edge Are You Looking to Make? [Read More]

Two Reasons To Use Untreated Wood Beams When You Need Cribbing Skids

When you need to support or stabilize a piece of pipeline or a piece of heavy equipment, wood blocks and beams referred to as cribbing skids can be useful for that purpose. You may have access to treated wood beams left over from past projects that you might want to use, but there are some reasons that untreated wood is a better choice. Here are two reasons to use raw wood beams or blocks for cribbing. [Read More]