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Looking To Purchase Router Bits? Ask Yourself These Three Questions To Help You Find The Right One For Your Job

One router bit can drastically differ from another. The shape, size and materials each bit is made from vary. This can make it challenging to know which router bit is ideal for your job. If you are not positive as to which is right for you, here are three questions to ask yourself. They will help guide you to the right type of router bit for your woodworking job.

What Type of Cut, Profile or Edge Are You Looking to Make?

When you are looking to purchase a router bit, the first question you should ask yourself is what sort of cut, profile or edge are you looking to make in or on your piece of wood. Each style drill bit is designed to create a different look. For example, a chamfer bit will create a diagonal cut while a round over will create a round edge. A V groove cuts V-shaped notches, while a round nose cuts circular ones. Learn what type of cut you want to make and then figure out what drill bit makes that cut to zero in on the right style of drill bit for you.

How Many Projects Are You Going to Complete with the Bit?

Another factor to consider is how many projects you intend on completing with the router bit you are looking to purchase. If this is a one-time project, a bit made from steel may be perfect for you. However, if you intend on using the bit for multiple projects, you may want to spend more and get a router big made from carbide. Carbide bits hold their edge 10 to 25 times longer than steel, making them the perfect choice for someone who is going to use them often. But they are more pricey, so they aren't needed for someone who isn't going to use the bit frequently.

What Size Collet Does the Router Have?

The last factor you need to consider is what size collet or collets your router has. The collet is the piece in the router that holds the router bit in place. If you are unsure what size collet you have, measure the diameter of the collet or the drill bits you already have that fit in the router. Most routers come with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch collets, but some may only hold one or the other. The size of the collet affects the size of the router bit you can buy, so knowing this information will ensure you buy a router bit that fits in your router.

Buying a router bit for your woodworking projects can be intimidating. There are so many different ones to pick from. But, if you ask yourself what type of cut you are looking to make, what size collet your router has and how often you will use the bit, you will be able to narrow down your choices and find the perfect router bit for your project.

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