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Useful Tips When Purchasing Food-Safe Plastic Pails

If you plan on storing food in a controlled manner around your restaurant, you'll want to invest in food-safe plastic pails—such as a 5-gallon food-safe plastic pail with tear tab lid. They'll provide the perfect storage solution for foods like cheese, pickles, or vegetables. Just make sure you use these tips when making this investment.

Go With a Tear-Tab Lid if Storing Liquids

If you need to store foods with liquids, then it's paramount that you ensure your plastic pails can't leak throughout transportation. You'll have more assurances with this if you go with plastic pails that have tear-tab lids at the top.

They create an extremely tight seal that you can depend on fully until you decide to tear the tabs off to open the lid. This design also is ideal because you know for certain no one has tampered with your food products if the tear-tab lid is still intact when it arrives at your restaurant.

Opt For Built-In Hand Grips

Once your food-safe plastic pails arrive, you'll need a way to easily carry them to the target drop-off location. You'll have an easy time with this if you just opt for plastic pails that have built-in hand grips on the side. Then you'll have the perfect place to hold onto while lifting these plastic pails and transporting them around your work facility.

Verifying this design is as easy as looking at pictures online of the food-safe plastic pails that you're about to purchase. It should say in the description too if the pails come with built-in hand grips.

Choose an Appropriate Storage Capacity

Food-safe plastic pails can feature a lot of different attributes, but one of the most important specs to get right is the size or storage capacity of this pail. You'll have a decent amount of choices to select from in terms of gallons supported.

What you need to do is carefully look at your food operations. How much of a food product do you plan on storing onsite for a particular period of time? Work this out and it will be simple to choose the right plastic pail sizes that work great for the foreseeable future.

If you're needing to keep certain food products fully protected in storage, then you can invest in food-safe plastic pails. As long as you shop carefully and figure out what can work out now and months later, you'll make a good pail investment that you can trust completely.