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Using The Right Tools For Cutting Hard Materials And Machine At High Speeds

Diamond cutting and machine tools have long been the go-to for cutting extremely tough materials and machining metals. Even more durable than standard diamond tools is a hybrid tool called PCD tooling that uses diamonds but is made with advanced techniques that raise the bar on hard tooling that will cut faster and be far more durable than standard diamond tools.

PCD Tools

PCD or polycrystalline diamond is a synthetic diamond product made in a lab and produces diamonds well suited to machining and cutting. The crystals are grown with tungsten carbide powder, so the diamonds bond to each other and the carbine. The process creates a diamond carbine combination that becomes the PCD tools that are used in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Some specific benefits come from creating this synthetic mix and bonding it to tooling. The combination of polycrystalline diamond and carbine creates a highly abrasion-resistant material that can be used for longer than standard tooling and can operate at high speeds while maintaining the cutting edge on the tooling.

Even when pushed harder in a high yield production situation, the PCD tools have a long life span and can be sharpened when needed by your toolmaker or a tooling company familiar with polycrystalline tooling. PCD tooling is often used when cutting aluminum, composite materials, and high-density plastics which can be challenging with standard tooling. 

Buying PCD Tooling

PCD tooling is often used for particular purposes, and as such, the tooling often needs to be created to meet the specific demand. While custom tooling can be more expensive, the durability and the longevity of the tooling often make up the difference in cost. 

Working with a toolmaker specializing in PCD tooling is the best way to ensure that the tools will work properly for your application and your machines. Many times these tools are used in CNC machines that can use the same tool or a variety of tools for several different operations at the same time. 

The type of tool you need can change the way it needs to be created, so it is essential that you choose a toolmaker or tooling company that understands your requirements and can make the tool properly. Many of these same tooling companies offer service for your PCD tools and can resharpen, maintain, and repair damaged or worn tools for you. The company that made the tools is often the best equipment to deal with any issues with it, so reach out to them if you experience a problem with the polycrystalline diamond tools you are using.  

For more information, contact a company that sells or makes PCD tools.