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How Rental Charges For An Emergency Boiler Work

If the broiler has broken down at your place of business, and you need a broiler to keep operations going, you can always rent an emergency broiler. Before renting an emergency broiler, it helps to understand how the rental charges for an industrial emergency broiler work.

You Need to Show Insurance Coverage for the Boiler

When you rent an emergency broiler, you are going to be expected to produce insurance for the broiler. You will need to provide the rental company with a statement from your insurance company to prove that the boiler is covered. Your boiler rental should be covered under either your general liability insurance or by your broiler rental policy.

Shipping Costs are Not Included In the Rental Charge Pay

With most boiler rental companies, shipping is not included in the rental fee. The shipping costs of the boiler are in addition to the rental fee. Most boiler companies will arrange the shipping for you. A small handling fee for arranging the shipping will also be added to your bill. You will face two shipping charges – one when the boiler is shipped to you to use and another when you send the boiler back to the rental service.

If there are loading or unloading charges, common for skid-mounted boilers as well as auxiliary equipment, you are going to pay those charges as well.

Connection & Disassembly Arranged By You

The connection of the boiler that you rent is arranged by you. If you have employees who have experience setting up a boiler, you can have them set it up, saving you on installation and disassembly costs. If you don't have employees that can set up the boiler for you, you can bring in professionals from a local boiler shop to set up the boiler. Since most boilers are shipped a great distance from the plant, the company renting the boiler is expected to find someone local to set up the boiler.

Obtain Fuel from Regular Source

Once the boiler is in your possession, you are responsible for paying for the fuel that you need to run it. You can get fuel from the same sources that you normally obtain your fuel from. This allows you to control where your fuel comes from as well as how much you pay for your fuel.

When you rent a boiler, you pay the boiler rental company a charge to rent the boiler. You also pay the boiler rental company for the shipping costs, unloading charges, and a handling fee for setting this up for you. You have to provide the boiler rental company with an insurance statement that shows your insurance protects the boiler. You have to arrange for someone local to set up and disassemble the boiler for you. For fuel, you can use your regular fuel suppliers.

For more information, contact your local emergency boilers service.