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What Phenolic Casters Are, Why You Should Buy Them And Why Install Them On Your Industrial Baking Equipment

Most everyone is familiar with casters--you know, those wheels placed on the bottoms of things that generally do not move unless you want them to move. While you may be familiar with what casters are, you may not be familiar with what phenolic casters are. Here is a more in-depth explanation of these wheels, how they are made, for what purposes they are crafted, and some good reasons why you should buy phenolic casters and install them on your portable industrial baking and heat curing equipment.

What Phenolic Casters Are

Phenolic casters are very large casters made from aldehyde (as in formaldehyde, and yes, that is a raw ingredient used to make this plastic resin) and a hydrocarbon ingredient that has a pleasant smell. (This is useful to know, since the aldehyde does not smell quite so nice, but the hydrocarbon does, and it cancels out the stinkiness, among other things.) When these ingredients are melted together and the resulting melted resin is boiled at a very high temperature, it results in a very tough, almost unbreakable plastic that resists heat and is able to support very heavy objects (e.g., heat curing carts that have to take products into heat curing ovens).

This plastic resin is then cast into wheel shapes of all sizes. After it cools in the molds, it is shaped via very sharp trimming tools and then holes are drilled through the middle of each caster to create the place for the rolling caster pin. All of these casters move down the assembly line to be fitted with metal hardware before being bagged and boxed for shipping.

Why You Should Buy and Install Them on Your Portable Industrial Equipment

As for the reasons why you should buy phenolic casters and install them on your industrial equipment, it has a lot to do with the properties of these wheels. They are extremely strong and durable, so no matter what you attach the to, they will not break, crack or bend and they will last almost indefinitely. Their heat-resistant properties makes them ideal for moving cooking equipment and/or moving baking cabinets from the workfloor right into the industrial ovens, where the casters and the cabinets can be left during the cooking processes. Finally, the fact that you can purchase these casters in numerous sizes means that you can attach them to larger and larger pieces of equipment and transform those pieces of equipment from stationary to mobile units. The larger the phenolic casters, the greater the amount of weight distributed across the wheels' diameters while they are in motion. Talk to a supplier, like Specialty Casters, for more help.