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3 Ideas To Help Prevent Giving Your Tropical Hardwood Decking And Unsightly Finish

Adding a deck to your home is a great way to give your more useable outdoor space. It also means that you will have to choose a decking material to use. If you want real wood but a surface that will last for many years, tropical decking materials can be an excellent choice. There are also many ways to finish and care for your new tropical decking. Here are some tips to help prevent unsightly finishes when caring for your tropical hardwood:

1. Cleaning And Giving Hardwood A Smooth Surface

With tropical hardwoods, you may want to give them a smooth shining surface. This can be done by sanding the hardwood decking with a dense grain first. Gradually, work your way to using finer grit sand paper until you have the finish you want. Tropical hardwoods are dense and sanding creates fine dust particles, so it is important to use masks when doing this.

2. Choosing Stain Colors That Work Well With Tropical Hardwoods

There are also many different color stains that you can use with hardwood decking. Since these materials are dense, often the stain is only surface deep. You may want to choose a color that is similar to the wood and apply it with a spray gun to ensure a deep even coat. When doing this, you will want to wear safety gear such as coveralls and face protection. This will protect you from the chemicals in the overspray from the staining process.

3. Giving Hardwoods A Natural Looking Finish Using Clear Oil Treatments

Another option that you may want to consider is using a clear oil stain. This can be done after doing sanding. A simple oil treatment can be enough to protect the wood and preserve its natural look. With an oil coat, you will not have the problems that are associated with using colored stains that can wear and give tropical hardwoods an unsightly finish when they become aged and weathered.  This is something that may need to be done more often than a conventional stain to ensure your decking lasts for many years.

With proper car and finishing, your tropical hardwood decking can last for many years. If you are ready to start with a hardwood deck finishing project, remember that safety is important when working with these materials. Contact a vendor of face protection for sale, such as Riteway Safety and Supply, to ensure you are safe when you cut and sand tropical hardwoods.