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Tow Ropes, Cables And Chains: Which One May Work Best In Your Factory And Why

If your factory regularly moves several extremely heavy objects over several yards, then you need some industrial-strength supports to lift these items and keep them moving. Depending on what you currently use, you may have other options. Here is a look at tow ropes, tow cables and tow chains (all of which can be used in an industrial setting with plenty of success), which one might work best in your factory, and why.

Tow Ropes

Some tow ropes are just that--rope. However, if you buy tow ropes from a company like Omaha  Slings Inc that are actually woven straps with loop handles on the ends, you get a product that can easily latch onto heavy objects using the end loops and then be lifted by an overhead crane or hook and winch system safely across the factory floor. These tow ropes can lift or pull several thousand pounds each, but they should not be used to lift numerous objects that are in excess of their intended weight restrictions. Doing so may cause the ropes to eventually snap, so use more than one if you are going to lift something much heavier, or use tow cables or chains instead.

Tow Cables

Tow cables are often used in conjunction with a winch. That said, you could substitute tow cables in place of what you are using now. The cables are covered in a thick plastic polymer that prevents scraping and scratching of anything the cables hoist up. They also protect the employees in the factory from finger pinches and rope burns in the course of their work and/or when a chain twists or a rope lets go and is caught quickly. These can also be used with overhead cranes because the cables wind up nicely and do not get twisted, looped, knotted or tied up on anything.

Tow Chains

Tow chains, especially those made of steel or titanium, are exceedingly strong and therefore they can lift and pull some of the heaviest objects of all. If you are currently using pulley systems in your factory, then the chains are probably the best option because they can handle the constant lifting, back and forth movement, and friction created by moving over and through the pulleys. Even if you only have to hoist an extremely heavy object a few times a week or a few times a month, it may be beneficial to keep some tow chains on hand just for these reasons.