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How To Add Spray Foam Insulation To Drywall Bays

Spray foam insulation is great for making your walls more thermally efficient and soundproof at the same time. During the initial installation of your drywall, you can rent and use a simple cellulose sprayer to apply spray foam in between the stud bays before closing them off. This article explains the relatively simple process of spraying the foam.

Using a Spray Machine

Simple spraying machines can be rented very easily. The operation of the machine is also very easy. Basically, you need to buy a powder mixture of that insulation. Then, you add the recommended amount of water and mix it together in a 5-gallon bucket. This is easily done with a power drill and a mixing attachment. Then, you pour the mixture into sprayers reservoir. The machine does the rest of the work by properly pressurizing the foam as you power it up and start spraying.

A Little Prep Before Spraying

First of all, you don't want to start spraying the insulation until one side of the drywall is installed. Then, use 2" wide painter's tape to cover the front of the studs. After you finish spraying, you can just peel this tape the way. This way your stud fronts will be clean so you can install the drywall without having to scrape off the insulation.

Spraying the Foam Insulation

Spraying is actually very simple, even though it can be messy. Make sure you are wearing clothes that you are able to throw away once the job is done. The foam is sticky and hard to get out of clothes. In reality, it doesn't matter if you start spraying at the top or bottom of the bay. However, you probably want to layer your spraying. That is, you won't be able to fill in the entire bay on the first coat. Spray until it is a couple of inches thick and then let it dry. Once it is dry you can spray the remaining 2" until it is even with the front of the drywall studs. If the foam sticks out a little further than the studs, it is not a big issue. Once it dries you can flatten the protruded foam with a putty knife.

As you can see, adding spray foam insulation to your stud bays before finishing off the job with drywall is very easy. It is a great way to add insulation on exterior and interior walls throughout your structure. Contact a business, such as Paratus Supply, for more information.