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Four Tips To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Cartridge Heater

With a multitude of functions, such as welding plastic, heating fluids, and heat staking, cartridge heaters have a place in numerous industrial machines. The following tips are essential for proper maintenance and usage of cartridge heaters.

1. Always Repair with the Correct Size

Cartridge heaters come in an assortment of sizes, making it tempting to complete a repair with whatever cartridge heater is handy to minimize downtime. However, it is essential to stick with the machine's recommended size.

If the cartridge heater is too small, the heat cannot dissipate correctly when the machine is no longer in use. If the heat hangs around for longer than is recommended, this results in a premature failure of the cartridge heater.

2. Try to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

It is best to keep the temperature of the machine that houses the cartridge heater as constant as possible. The process of frequently cooling and heating the cartridge heater may result in early failure, causing expensive repairs and inconvenient downtime. 

Try to group jobs by the required temperature to minimize wear and tear. If you know that a process tolerates a wide range of temperatures, try to utilize the temperature that falls at the lower end of the spectrum.

3. Consider Different Finishes

Cartridge heaters are produced using different alloys. Various alloys make certain heaters more suitable for certain conditions. Heaters that combine nickel and chromium are common and preferred by many industries because of their durability and their ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. 

Ones that combine stainless steel with lead are more resistant to moisture than other alternatives. 

Don't make the mistake of assuming that because you have used a part for years, it is the best alternative for the machine. New parts are continually being created with new and improved alloys and insulation materials. 

4. Ensure Proper Maintenance is Completed

It is vital to keep cartridge heaters and the surrounding areas as clean as possible. If impurities build up or too much moisture is present, the heater can short circuit and fail. 

When replacing the cartridge heater or starting a new task, take care to lubricate it for a clean cutting process. When the job is complete, always clean any remaining lubricant off the heater to prevent pesky buildup from occurring.

Manufacturing professionals know that inappropriate downtime can be the downfall of an otherwise productive day. Keep the downtime relating to fixing or repairing a machine's cartridge heaters to a minimum by following a proper care regimen.