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Hidden Costs Of Small Business Waste

Small businesses are more common than you think. In fact there are 28 million small businesses in the US. Many people find that running a small business is an attractive option. Less employees means that it is easy to build relationships with each worker. There are also less components of the business to keep up with. However, just because a business is run on a smaller scale doesn't mean that there aren't any hidden costs. One area where hidden costs can really affect the bottom line of a small business is the management of waste. Here are 3 hidden costs associated with dealing with a small businesses waste products.

Waste Management

Any type of business, whether it is one that manufactures a product or one that provides a service, produces waste. Even small businesses will find that they produce waste that needs to be disposed of. The first thing a small business should do is determine whether or not the waste they produce is hazardous. A visit to the Environmental Protection Agency's website can help with this task. Hazardous waste disposal is best left to the professionals. A waste services company can easily dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in way that is legal and best for the environment. This waste management can be a hidden cost of running a small business but in the long run it is worth the money.

Cost Of Improper Waste Management

Instead of hiring a waste services company, some small business may try to dispose of their waste on their own. This can be a problem. Improper waste disposal can lead to fines and end up costing a company a lot of money. These fines can cost thousands of dollars. It's often better to hire a company to dispose of waste properly than to deal with the fines associated with improper waste management and the legal fees that accompany it.

Employee Training

Training employees to handle waste is also another hidden cost of running a small business. In some cases this is as simple as making sure that employees are placing waste in the right bins for recycling. For employees dealing with hazardous waste, more training may be necessary. The EPA determines these training requirements depending on the type of hazardous waste produced. Making sure employees are properly trained is the responsibility of the small business.

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