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A Few Reasons To Consider A Water Booster For Your Well Pump

If you have recently moved to a rural area, with a well and septic tank, you may be a bit confused about how long it can take the washing machine to do a load of laundry, or wonder what you can do to lower your electric bill. The problem could lie in the water pressure you have on the well pump. A good solution is to have a water booster installed. Here are a few benefits you will receive once it is up and running. 

Better Water Pressure

Having better water pressure means that you can enjoy a shower with a nice, steady stream of water. It also means that your washing machine will fill faster, getting the laundry done quicker. In addition, someone will be able to take a shower while the washing machine is running and someone else is doing the dishes. If you have a sprinkler system set up for your lawn, you will not need as many sprinkler heads to reach the entire yard because each head will spray further. In addition, if you have a septic system for your wastes, having better water pressure will ensure that the system is running correctly so that no waste ends up backing up in your bathtub or toilet.

Lower Electric Bill

A water booster is going to require electricity to run. However, it will also reduce the amount of time that other electrical appliances are running. For example, your washing machine will fill faster, reducing the amount of time the machine is running. This will also reduce the amount of time the well pump is running. The same is true with taking a shower, watering the lawn, and any other water-related chore.  

Save Money on Repairs and Replacements

When appliances have to work overtime to compensate for a low water pressure, they need extra maintenance and repairs. Having things that operate efficiently will save you money. This will also help the devices to last longer, so you have to buy new less often. Consider this: if the water pressure is low enough to require the machine to run twice as long as it would if the pressure were correct, it would be like running the machine two times instead of one. This means you will have to replace it twice in the time you should only need one new unit.

Don't suffer through a shower with a trickle of water because your well pump cannot supply you with adequate pressure. Talk to a plumber about installing a water booster to the system.